Collaborative Divorce & Family Matter Resolution

Divorce and complex family matters can be challenging. The traditional solution has often involved litigation and relying on a court decision. Alternatively, collaborative dispute resolution process offers couples and families a solution based on respectful and transparent negotiations. The goal is to reach a mutual settlement with the support of collaboratively trained professionals. The collaborative process result is often less destructive to relationships, more constructive toward outcomes, less financially and emotionally draining, and more controllable for both parties than a litigated dispute which is at the mercy of the court.

Collaborate. Don’t Litigate.

The collaborative  process can be applied to the same family disputes many feel must be solved through litigation, but offers the benefits of privacy, dignity, control, and mutual decisions. Litigation is a battle with a winner and a loser and no control of the outcome for either party. Alternatively, collaborative dispute resolution works to solve the dispute or divorce upon agreeable terms that take into account each client’s needs and the needs of children, elders, and other dependents.

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The collaborative process offers many benefits compared to litigated, court-based disputes. Click here for explore the benefits of collaborative law.

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About Northwest Florida Collaborative Law Group

As the first collaborative law divorce resource group in the Florida Panhandle, the Northwest Florida Collaborative Law Group serves the couples and families throughout Bay and surrounding counties including Walton, Jackson, Holmes, Washington and Gulf. We help you learn about collaborative options for your divorce or paternity matters and demonstrate the benefits of collaborative law over litigation for you, your spouse or other parent, and your children. Our website serves as an introductory resource to collaborative. It is our group of collaborative professionals who can personally guide your family through the collaborative process to reach a solution that is best for you and your family.

The Northwest Florida Collaborative Law Group is not a law firm. We are a not-for-profit group of legal, financial and mental health professional trained in the collaborative law process.

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