nwf-collab-law-logo-v1-vert-250We’re excited to announce that our group, the Northwest Florida Collaborative Law Group, is the first collaborative law divorce resource group to be established in the Florida Panhandle. It is the result of a collective effort by local professionals to develop the group with the support and training from various professionals who have helped establish collaborative law groups in other parts of the State.

Were several other groups have been established for many years in areas such as South Florida, Orlando, and Tampa Bay, the Panhandle did not have a collaborative group or a large presence of professionals trained and committed to the collaborative law process. With the introduction of NWFLCLG, our region of Bay and its surrounding counties will have truly local resource to learn about collaborative law and its benefits over litigation for things like divorce, paternity disputes, and other family matters.

We chose the motto “Collaborate. Don’t Litigate.” because it simplifies our message and mission. We want to help people realize that litigation is not the only way to resolve a dispute. Collaborative can apply to the same disputes as litigation, but adds the benefits of privacy, control, dignity, and mutual outcomes.

It is an exciting time for us as a new group. We look forward to growing the awareness of collaborative in our area, helping families, and encouraging professionals to join our cause.